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Wildlife Reserves

A 360° mobile experience that exposes the brutality of the illegal wildlife trade

Change Their Fate
Possible Worldwide
Art direction, concepting, UX

The Challenge

Wild animals are being hunted and becoming extinct due to the illegal wildlife trade. The numbers are increasing due to the lack of understanding of what the animals had to go through, leading to people not being empathetic enough to do something about it.

What We Did

The pain and claustrophobia that the animals suffer during the smuggling process was amplified through subtle movements of agony via digital billboards, mobile and social media. An immersive 360° experience was created to expose the brutal behind-the-scenes and rallied people to fight for the animals by acting on it today and changing their fate.

How it works
Sketch of campaign strategy

Digital Billboard

This uncomfortable and unsettling animated visual of a cockatoo trapped in a bottle is what greeted the commuters while they were waiting for the bus.

360° Mobile Experience

Upon scanning the QR code (or via the URL), users watch the gruesome story of the animal and can make a stand immediately to change its fate.

Website & Other Channels

After saving the animal and returning it to its habitat, the users are led to a website where they can read up about the rest of the animals and how to make a change.


The campaign generated insane amount of on-ground and online buzz and garnered over 28k pledges, 8k shares, 620k views and 270k reaction/likes since its launch. We also snagged a FWA mobile of the day award. Check out the case study and demo film below!

Behind The Scenes

It took almost 3 months in search of the best idea. We shot everything ourselves. The animals, props and even grew mold in a damp bottle to achieve a weathered bottle for the cockatoo. A lot of effort was spent crafting the initial concepts, key visuals, life cycles and many more. This project has been an extremely fun and intense ride for all of us.